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Biryani making at Varq, learn the art from the master

Fusion food has its own charm. It helps you have the best of both worlds.

Priya Hazra | New Delhi |

Fusion food has its own charm. It helps you have the best of both worlds. Working in this direction, this Delhi five-star restaurant aspires to reinvent and create an amalgamation of lost Indian recipes and modern unusual creations. Presenting its food as a union of Indian cuisine and art, Varq — at Taj Hotel in Delhi — tries to bring forth a distinctive experience.

This time, Varq Chef Rajesh Singh decided to give their patrons a unique opportunity to learn what runs inside the kitchen and shared a recipe of India’s one of the most loved nosh, that is Biryani. The master cooking class organised by Varq was an opportunity to work and learn from the experts.

Chef Rajesh unveiled the secret recipe of his perfect lamb biryani. Giving out every little tip to the invitees, the chef walked us through the journey of making the lip-smacking and sumptuous lamb biryani, proving that making biryani is truly an art.

Let’s start with the recipe of Kacche Gosht ki Biryani.




Lamb – 1 kg

First marination

Red chilli powder- 50 gms

Ginger garlic paste- 100 gms


Second marination

Pineapple- half

Ghee- 200 gms

Green chilli- 35 gms

mint leaves- 2 bunch

Clove powder- 20 gms

Cinnamon powder- 40 gms

Cardamom powder- 80 gms

Yoghurt- 1 kg

Brown onion- 1 kgs

Ginger- 35 gms

For rice

Water- 2 ltrs

Rice- 500 gms

Cinnamon- 1 stick

Bay leaf- 1

Green cardamom- 5

Cloves- 5

For garnish

Saffron water- 1 gms

Chopped mint- 30 gms

Brown onion- 50 gms


Clean and wash lamb. Marinate the lamb with ginger, garlic paste, salt and red chilli powder. Refrigerate for 4 hours. After 4 hours take out the marinated lamb and marinate with the second marination with cinnamon powder, cloves powder, cardamom powder, mint, yoghurt, green chillies, brown onion, and ginger. Take a thick bottom pan and place the marinated lamb in that pan. Place the pan on simmer heat and add rice when 30% cooked. Cover the rice with mint, saffron, ghee, and brown onion. Cover the pan with aluminium foil and increase the flame for 10 mins. After 15 mins again simmer the flame and keep it for another 20 mins. After 20 mins remove from heat and let it be covered for 1 hour.



Accompanying the aromatic lamb biryani is a spicy yet sweet Baingan and mirch salan, check out the salan recipe here.



Whole dhaniyan- 100 gms

coconut dried- 1 kg

Whole red chillies- 100 gms

Sesame seeds- 200 gms

Peanuts- 400 gms

Tumeric- 50 gms

Small brinjals- 3

Yellow chillies- 3

Tamarind- 100 gms

Oil to fry

Jaggery- 100 gms

Mustard seeds- 10 gms

Curry leaves- 2 gms

Shahi jeera 10 gms



On a dry skillet add coconut and roast until brown, repeat the procedure with whole coriander seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts whole red chillies and cumin seeds. Make a paste of all the roasted ingredients and add little water. Take a thick bottom pan and add oil. When the oil is heated add mustard seeds and curry leaves when it starts crackling add the paste and turmeric powder. After boil add jaggery and tamarind and salt to taste. Cut brinjals into four and fry it till golden brown. Slit the chillies, fry and keep aside. Check the seasoning of the salan and brinjals and chilli and let it simmer for 5 mins. Serve hot and garnish with fried curry leaves.

Have a look at the process of making the appetising lamb biryani.

Taj says it aims to preserve the traditional art of making food and celebrate the authenticity of taste and artistic presentation. Chef Rajesh Singh says the team works to avail their patrons an unforgettable experience of their unique creations, no doubt they truly succeed to do the same.