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Restoring ‘baby collagen’ in skin

“This is the first time I have ever seen a significant increase in collagen 3 from a topical skincare product.”


Collagen is responsible for the irresistible quality, texture and bounce found in baby skin. Collagen makes up 80 per cent of skin and consequently is the most critical structural protein in your skin. However, not all collagen is created equally; it’s a complex protein and not easy to ‘replace’ once lost.

In your skin, there are two main types of collagen, known as collagen 1 and collagen 3, that are both equally important. Collagen 3 (otherwise known as ‘baby collagen’, because of its presence in infant skin) provides a framework that collagen 1 binds to. The two types of collagen need each other to function efficiently.

In baby skin, when collagen levels are in their prime, collagen 1 and 3 are both present in equal proportions, working together in perfect harmony. But even in your childhood, your skin is already losing this optimum collagen balance, says beauty brand Avon.

Until now, only collagen 1 has been effectively restored via topical skincare, but without the matrix of ‘baby collagen’– the impact is minimal. Avon’s new breakthrough patented ingredient, Protinol, works to restore both collagen 1 and 3, bringing them closer to that optimal ratio found in baby skin.

According to Avon, the skincare discovery Protinol, is clinically proven to restore both types of collagen found in healthy skin, helping to mimic the perfect collagen equilibrium found in baby skin.

The breakthrough ingredient is already gaining attention from industry leading scientists. Dr. Bayat from the University of Manchester independently tested the ingredient to help fully understand its power. Bayat says: “This is the first time I have ever seen a significant increase in collagen 3 from a topical skincare product.”

Protinol is available in the brand’s new Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots. Used over seven days, these seven potent single-use shots have the maximum concentration of the patented Protinol technology, restoring seven years of collagen loss in just seven days, for plumper, firmer, looking skin, revealing your best skin in years.

Snigdha Suman, Marketing Head at Avon says: “Whilst Avon has been leading the way in innovation for many years, Protinol is one of the most exciting discoveries of the decade. To find an ingredient that targets baby collagen as well as collagen 1 to restore skin plumpness is truly ground-breaking.