Hair is one of the sensitive parts of the body like your skin. It needs proper care and treatment. Not only internal but external factors cause severe damages to hair texture. It could be the sun, wind, heat styling tools, harsh chemicals, desiccated styling products or even the wrong choice of shampoo. Yes, a bad shampoo can worsen the quality of hair texture and cause irritation to the scalp.

Shampooing is the normal process to clean the scalp along with hair. Comprising of some amount of cleanser and some amount of conditioner, different shampoos for different types of hair flood the world of hair cleansing products with different brand names.

Select a shampoo knowing the condition of your scalp and hair type and its requirements. The best way to proceed is to take help of a dermatologist. Then spend some time reading labels in cosmetic stores to know about the ingredients content and warnings.

Here are important tips one needs to bear in mind when buying a shampoo suitable for your hair type.

Sensitive hair: Use mild shampoo having colourant-free, silicone-free and alkaline soap-free properties. They are specially designed to maintain your skin’s natural pH level and effectively cleanse scalp and hair to prevent dryness and irritation. These shampoos give your hair a healthy shine with a bounce and a soft supple feel.

Dry hair and scalp: Choose a detergent-free shampoo. It should keep the moisture level high with least reactions. If you are using a protein shampoo, protein should be the dominant ingredient on the label. Then comes Shea butter and glycerine. These kind of shampoos are equally good for curly hair.

Greasy hair and scalp: Avoid using shampoos that are hydrating, moisturising or smoothing. Look for the labels that read increasing volume, strengthening or balancing to treat these types of scalp and hair.

Hair with dandruff: While buying a dandruff-free shampoo, certainly check for Ketoconazole. It is the key antifungal medication necessary to treat dandruff and prevent premature hair-loss. The shampoo should also include Nizoral. It works best to control mild to moderate dandruff problem. The other powerful dandruff fighter is Zinc Pyrithione that has antifungal and antibacterial properties to help reduce dandruff.

Hair-loss treatment shampoo: To treat hair loss, you may go with a shampoo made for dry scalp and hair or oily scalp and hair according to your type of structure of both. Your shampoo should be free from chemicals and loaded with minerals, essential oils and vitamins good for scalp and hair thickening and strengthening.

Split-ends free hair: You may use a hydrating shampoo to get rid of split-ends. The product should contain panthenol that penetrates the hair follicle, brings moisture to the cortex and acts as humectant for the hair, giving them more shine. Water, avocado oil, citric acid, dimethicone and keratin binding ingredients are other essentials that should be comprised in it.

No more haircare mistakes! Avoid using shampoos containing high amount of alcohol, silicone or sulphates. They strip away the natural oils, ruining the hair and scalp. Don’t waste money on cheap variations. Go wisely for quality branded products safe for hair cleaning.