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Attractive features in women that men can’t resist

The figure of a woman attracts a man the most; they consider it sexiest.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Why a man gazes at a woman? The answer lies in a chemical ‘high’ in a male’s brain when he sees an attractive woman. That’s why they are drawn to look at them even when they have one whom they love in their lives. Regardless of age, location and situation, let’s look at the most attractive features that men notice every time in women:

Body shape: The figure of a woman attracts a man the most. They consider it sexist. Most of the men prefer slimmer female bodies. Flat stomach, well-defined bodies, prominent hips and definite curvature in the front attracts a man’s eyes. It is not just about the shape of the body they notice, but how you move it, especially while walking or dancing attracts a man’s attention.

Slim body


Looks: Women’s looks are of important consideration to a man. Men are more likely to look initially at woman’s face. This is why a woman also spends much time adorning her face by applying make-up and doing her hair in a stylish way. Looks predominantly include eyes. Eyes communicate a girl’s feelings and thoughts. Eye contact allows a guy to attract a girl in an easy way. Besides eyes, smile dominates a female’s looks. To know whether a woman is interested in a man or not, the later tries to catch her smile because smiling of a girl sends approval to a boy that she is friendly and approachable.

Dressing sense: Men are easily dazed by intricate trendy outfits. An appealing dressing adds a flavor to your looks. The stylish and flirty outfits of a girl draw a man’s attention flagrantly.


Accessories: Among all the accessories worn by a woman, neck jewelry is the most frequently noticed piece by a man. The delicate the necklaces are, the more they draw a male’s attention to that area. Other accessories noticed by a man are her footwears, nail paints, handbags, and clutches because of their feminine fashion appeal.


Confidence: Though women are noticed more critically by their body figure their body language also echoes in the form of confidence. Whether you are beautiful or not, your confidence is your powerful feature that attracts the attention of a male. Your executive presence, excellent communication skills and carrying yourself in a perfectly suited way are enough to get an attention of a man.


A woman may wonder, what a man notices about her. She may also be curious to know what someone, especially a handsome guy is looking at when he stops or turns to look at her. Many women feel uncomfortable when they see some male eyeballing at them. Ladies, be comfortable and feel confident so that it should not bother you. Don’t fume; keep shining with glorious expressions as men are not naturally gifted at expressing themselves like women through their appearance. Learn to handle a man’s observation in the safest way. Nothing can stop them noticing you. After all, they are a man and you are a woman.