Kolkata has always been well known for its authentic dishes and experiential variety in food. While the old eateries still exist and remain a favourite of almost every denizen of the city, the new ones are gradually paving their way through contemporary arrangement of dishes.

Situated in a silent corner of Ballygunge Place, The Melting Pot brings in the amalgamation of Oriental and Continental food with a touch of Bengali. The true essence of a melting pot lies in the fact that every cuisine mixes together to uniformly create something new. Owner Srabani Kumar, who holds a Master”s degree in journalism, said that she has always been confident and experimental about new challenges. “We are Bengalis and we are foodies, maybe that is the inspiration,” she said while describing the kind of food, which was being served.

The place serves several types of food from beverages to fries to a concoction of Thai dishes. A person with a sweet tooth would probably enjoy the KitKat shake, which is made of ice-cream, milk, chocolate sauce shaken well together with Chocó chips as toppings. The Virgin Mojito might be a favourite for most during summer afternoons, when temperatures rise at an alarming rate. For those who prefer having less but do not mind some heavy chunk of fries the Fish Finger, served with tartar sauce, is a great choice. The fish served is usually basa, as it is the only kind that could be preserved for more than a day, while the sauce is a mixture of vegetables, mustard and lemon juice. The Chicken Suimai, almost like an open-ended momo, made of sesame oil and mushroom, when served with the sweet chilli sauce might convulse with the taste buds as they tend to disappear as soon as dropped in the mouth. The grilled fish served with lemon butter sauce and fresh salad is quite the treat for those who prefer a light lunch.

The ambient music is a soothing monotone of the early 90”s when Bollywood was just producing some of its best compositions. The manner of hygiene is well maintained, whereas the kitchen staff makes sure that the vast distinction between the vegetarians and non-vegetarians are well maintained.