5 sustainable decor elements you must not ignore

Eco-friendly home decor

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It’s easy to lose yourself in the online world of interior design inspiration. People spend hours scrolling through pictures of trendy paint colors and furniture styles, all daydreaming about making their home look better. You may want to do the same but might worry about your design choices clashing with your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Thus, if you are struggling with the ideas that are innovative, elegant, chic, and blend style and sustainability which will turn your home into an eco-friendly zone, we got your back! These small yet meaningful green alternatives will help reduce your carbon footprint. Check out these 5 exciting ideas for environment-friendly decor:

A Dash of Vintage


The most affordable and simple way to positively impact the environment is to buy pre-used furniture. If you are a fan of rugged and distressed decor, this is the best way to attain the theme without affecting the environment. The vintage decor looks chic and will cost you way less than purchasing brand-new furniture from the store.

Pick Sustainably-sourced Raw Materials

If you are passionate about turning your home green, then work with companies or dealers that promote ethical labor standards and fair trade. Select the best raw materials for your furniture, but ensure that they do not contribute to the natural epidemic like deforestation. Make sure all your raw materials are sustainably sourced. It will also support your local artisans and communities that promote eco-friendly decor.

Grow Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have become a design phenomenon over the last decade. Everyone wants those lush ferns and bright succulents to add a natural vibe to their home, but you don’t want to buy the plastic pots and chemical-based fertilizers often found with them.

You can fill your home with plants that don’t weigh on your mind when you grow air-purifying plants that thrive with a bit of sunshine from your nearest window. These typically require little care and purify the air around them, so you’re banishing airborne toxins while improving your home’s look.

Find Reclaimed Wood Decor

Whether you want to change your flooring, upgrade cabinets or find carved decor pieces, stick with reclaimed wood. It’s recycled and doesn’t hurt the environment to use in your home, unlike buying something new made from recently destroyed, oxygen-supplying trees.

Reclaimed wood works perfectly for popular interior design choices like barn-styled bedroom doors or floating shelves in an office or living room.

Learn Your Design Preferences

After you know what interior design styles and choices you prefer, you can use these tips to find eco-friendly home decor that blends style and sustainability. Supporting local artists, installing dimmer switches, and even growing indoor plants are just a few ways you can stick with your sustainable lifestyle and redesign your home.