We come across many incidents or persons who inspire us. It can be some of our experiences or a story of some other person that motivates us in life. Ted talks tend to do the same. Based on short and inspiring talks from people of different fields and nationalities, who share their stories and experiences with others, some of the talks stand out from the others and hit the audience hard. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design that brings together such people on the same platform to share ideas worth spreading. Lean back and listen to the stories of some brave and innovative people.

Here are 5 of the TED Talks which were the most motivating:

Why 30 is not the new 20: Meg Jay

Meg Jay explains the importance of decisions that we take in our twenties and that there is actually not enough time to figure everything out. She emphasises that the decisions about career, relationships and reproduction that we take during those years are very vital.

Schools kill creativity: Ken Robinson

Ken decodes our education system in a very interesting way. While the talk will make you laugh, but also think twice if what we study is actually beneficial. He proves his point at the end of the talk and we cannot agree more that our educations system is actually killing the creativity in students.

Why we have too few women leaders: Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl explains the lack of leadership in women at a workplace. She describes the differences that men and women face at work and also gives out few tips to change that and enhance one’s growth.

Love, no matter what: Andrew Solomon

The talk by Andrew Solomon tells us about something that we do not think about often. How important it is to love. He narrates it through talking about Down Syndrome, dwarfism and homosexuality, it is incredible.

The power of vulnerability: Brené Brown

Brene Brown takes a different stand on ‘vulnerability’. She explains how it could be a good thing. People who dare to be vulnerable are actually happier.