A woman’s look would be incomplete without the right rings, as they can uplift the impeccable ensemble and adds panache to the look. From cocktail rings to statement-making animal motif or an extravagant floral shaped ring, capsule collection of jewels is incomplete without this try-worthy list that puts together four types of ring designs that should soon make it to your jewellery box .

Cocktail Rings

Big oversized rings are must-haves in jewellery boxes and it is one of the quintessential pieces when it comes to rings. This incredible piece has been making a splash in the fashion scene for the past few seasons, and it’s here to stay and make the jewellery boxes look more royal.

Diamond Rings

Whether you wear it alone or add it to a stack of your daily arm candy, an iconic diamond ring is a must-have in everyone’s jewellery box. This is a piece that will rarely leave your fingers, whether you are at work or going for a party, diamond rings pair beautifully with any look.

Floral designed gold rings

When you need to add a bit of wow-factor to your outfit, opt for a standout floral shaped gold ring. And we are not talking about the usual ones; think flower ring, polki adorned in blooming flower ring or even florals in geometric form. In most cases, when you add a head-turning ring, you can ditch any other jewellery and just let them do the talking. To update the motif for a modern day, women can play with unconventional color pairings with a different type of floral design.

Something beastly

When you are feeling a little sassier than usual, you need a piece of jewelry that matches your mood. Forget minimalist designs, everyone should have at least one bold piece of jewellery that radiates some serious boldness and buoyancy. This kind of animal motif rings can help you accomplish the look in no matter of time.

( With inputs by Gautam Soni, Managing Director, The House of MBj)