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25 parenting tips on bringing up your teenage child

Simple ways of doing things together can help to deal with your troubled teenage child.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Are you struggling to cope a troubled relationship with your teenage child who is going through mental, emotional and physical changes and facing rapid changes in his surroundings? Simple parenting tips can help in dealing with your teenage child.

Young people have fanciful dreams and struggles of their own during which time they seek solitude in all ways. They may even hesitate to tell the truth and hide behind lies in some awkward situation, show violent anger or argue in an indecent manner, breaching values inculcated by you in them.

At this juncture, parenting becomes the biggest challenge. You may feel frustrated, annoyed or depressed.

25 parenting tips on how to deal with your troubled teenage child

1. Remain firm, keeping your approach positive and conduct peaceful.

2. Sit with them, talk to them, give respect and space to their thoughts.

3. Accept them as they are, even their weird behavior and styles.

4. Lift their confidence when they fail and help them achieve their dreams.

5. It’s most important to assess how they feel about themselves.

6. Help them to build an optimistic approach and a positive image of themselves in their own eyes.

7. Keep your expectations of their studies and other achievements low.

8. Remember, your children are under constant pressures of competitions and other educational facades.

9. Never discourage them when the going gets adverse. Understand the complexity of the distress.

10. Help them overcome the fear of failure to prevent any sort of low esteem and self-destruction.

11. Many issues crop up in teenage friendships. Though it is difficult to change their friends, make them learn how to choose between good and bad.

12. Build a strong affinity with your children that should be based on trust.

13. Train them how to deal with conflicts among friends with proper implements.

14. Teach them to be empathetic and not to be judgmental.

15. Invite their friends home frequently but casually to know more about your child’s life.

16. They may start building interest in opposite sex. Offer them guidance in an open and  friendly way.

17. Breath in them loyalty, good manners and kindness.

18. Discourage bad habits like lying, arguing, bullying, exaggerating or stealing by showing your love and warmth to your child.

19. Keep in mind that your child will learn more through your actions than words.

20. Make them social by taking them to public gatherings with you and expose them to social surroundings,

21. Initiate a discussion with them of their interest and enhance their personality by encouraging them to speak.

22. Remember, only your unconditional love and compassionate love can save them from developing depression and anxiety.

23. Spending both quality and quantity time with them is equally important.

24. Create a happy and positive environment and stand by them when the things get tough.

25. Indulge in fun activities with them. Have food together, watch a movie, play, sing and dance with them.