Properties of fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in deciding the time of not having them. Like all foods, few fruits and veggies have more calories, sugar or acids than others. However, they aren’t comparable to eating candies, yet unfortunately; they aren’t good for you if eaten on an empty stomach.

Eating sugary fruits boost insulin levels which in turn increase the load on the pancreas that has just “woken up”. This may lead to diabetes. Also, few fruits are loaded with fruits acids and can cause acidity and gastritis if eaten as first thing in the morning.

Don’t start your day with a diet filled with those fruits that can adversely affect your health in any ways.

Pear: Pear contains crude fibre. Eating it on an empty stomach can injure delicate mucous membranes.

Bananas: Eating bananas when your stomach is empty may harm your heart as it sharply increases the amount of magnesium in the blood.

Citrus fruits like grape fruit: Citrus fruits are loaded with fruit acids. They can increase the risk of gastritis, gastric ulcers and heart burn if eaten when your stomach is empty.

Litchi: Consuming fresh litchis on an empty stomach may increase sugar level drastically. It may also stimulate the gastric mucous resulting in stomach pain.

Black dates: Black dates are rich source of pectin and tannic acid, both of which can combine easily with gastric acid in the human body and produce insoluble lumps in the stomach. They should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Also, people suffering from chronic gastrointestinal disease shouldn’t eat black dates.

Mango: Mango is not recommended to be eaten as first food in the morning. It is high in natural sugar and can cause a drastic spike and drop in blood sugar levels.

Tomato: High level of tannic acid found in tomato increases acidity in the stomach. It may cause gastric ulcers too.

Cucumber: Being rich in amino-acids, cucumber can lead to flatulence, abdominal pain and heartburn if consumed on an empty stomach.

Eating these fruits and veggies on an empty stomach in the morning may worsen your health and also be the source of many ailments.

Be aware, be healthy!