What makes a business truly successful? Is it just based on the annual turnover or something more? The health of any organization does not depend on the profits alone. There are a number of factors that make any business thrive to its maximum potential.

One of the most important factors is the physical and mental health of all the employees. To address this concern here’s what fitness expert and entrepreneur Tanner Chidester has to offer.

Former model and present-day businessman, Tanner Chidester, understands the importance of owning the right mental and physical strength for enhancing business growth.

He says, “Our minds and bodies are directly connected to each other. When you work the body, it also works the mind.”

Chidester provides professional consultation on fitness programs that include both diet and workout for working professionals and business owners.

To add another element to his abilities, Tanner is a social media influencer with over 100K followers on his Instagram account. With his posts and videos, he has motivated hundreds of followers to take the right path of fitness. Through his company, Fit Warrior, Chidester has helped several individuals grow both in their professional and personal lives.

What began as a passion for Tanner, soon turned out as an 8-figure strong enterprise.

The passion for fitness came to Tanner at a very young age. Born in a family of Mormons from Texas, Tanner had to deal with bullies while growing up. While working out, he experienced liberation and gained the confidence to fight the odds. This passion became stronger with time, discipline, and determination towards fitness.

Tanner went on to play college football and quickly became one of the most talked-about players. Unfortunately, due to an injury, Tanner had to quit football for good.

However, he made the best out of this scenario and formed his own fitness venture while pursuing a degree in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University.

In order to raise capital for Fit Warrior, Tanner took up odd jobs and also gave modelling a try. In a short period, he was seen on various magazine covers and quickly became a rising star in the modelling industry.

However, Tanner decided to give complete attention to his business and put modelling in the back seat. He further adds, “Just like any business, it takes tremendous effort and patience to make it grow. The body follows that trend as well. Both require consistent hard work and focus in order to achieve maximum success.”

Tanner continues to be one of the most influential figures not only among the millennials, but people of all age groups. Bearing his own struggle in mind, Tanner understands what it means to build something of your own.

As a result, he helps young and aspiring entrepreneurs with guidance and motivation to do things right. Tanner now makes use of his large social media presence to share fitness advice and has been supporting people to transform their bodies and businesses.