Vivek Mittal, popularly known as ‘Fit Tuber’ on his YouTube channel, is a leading personality in the fitness sphere. He has over 3 million followers to date and over 250 million online views on his videos and counting.

Fit Tuber, as the name suggests, is a YouTube channel that focuses most on fitness and general health. He has created a second channel with the name Fit Tuber Hindi to cover a wider audience. He firmly believes that the issues he covers, the topics he talks about and the wisdom he imparts can benefit everyone and not just margins of a particular society with language barrier being an issue.

Fit Tuber aims to make people understand that health comes first. What matters most is to have a healthy body and feel good about yourself; everything else follows. He has done various videos on weight loss, healthy recipes, protecting oneself from harmful chemicals used in day-to-day products, and other topics that are fitness & health-related.

Originally from Bathinda, Punjab, Vivek completed his B Tech in Information Technology from Indraprastha University Delhi and later moved to Hyderabad where he worked at Infosys for over three years.  It was during his college days that Vivek seemed to develop an interest in fitness.

He started his journey on YouTube in August 2016 and has risen to fame ever since. “From the very beginning, I have always wanted to create content that would be beneficial to our Indian society, taking into consideration that our lifestyle is quite different from the western world,” says Vivek.

Like every other venture, Fit Tuber has also faced its fair share of failures but bounced back every time. He says, “Failure is not when something doesn’t work out the way you planned, but when it doesn’t teach you a valuable lesson.”

Though his videos are incredibly informative and enriching, he has been slammed by many multinational FMCG companies for his work. Especially his ‘worst to best’ series for which he received multiple legal notices, had 5 of his videos taken down from YouTube, and one trial from the Bombay High Court. He lost about a year’s worth of earning in this process, but according to him, he firmly stands by every word spoken in his videos. These comments and issues don’t break his spirit but only push him to work harder!

Also, Fit Tuber not only speaks about fitness & food-related topics but also talks about taboo topics that other creators; especially men may shy away from. He covers female-centric content and issues that could be considered as a taboo in the society.

One of his videos, ‘Period Problems with Solution’ which speaks about how women get their period, the various factors causing irregular periods, and more – so that every single being regardless of their age, sex, social strata or their language has knowledge about such an important topic. Well, it does not stop here; he also has a video on ‘How to cure PCOD’ permanently, another critical issue that is highly misunderstood, unknown and even considered a societal taboo.

Through his videos, he aims at getting rid of the irrational myths and misconceptions that exist in a society with regards to fitness.  He often chooses to create limited content during the week as that helps him focus more on his detailed research and topic selection. He believes that he has a responsibility towards his viewers who rely on him when it comes to fitness and leading a healthy, chemical-free life.

Fitness content is prevalent, and there is a plethora of fitness trainers and content creators who have tasted more significant successes.

“As for my channel, I think having a low but dedicated number of followers is more important for me. I always wanted to create fitness content that suited common people, with regular lifestyles- I don’t want them to look at my videos and think they’d never be able to buy the product that I am talking about or do what I do. I wanted them to associate with me on a very conventional level, and I have indeed managed to achieve that,” says Fit Tuber Vivek.

He further adds, “Sponsorship is something that I have always been firm about. I have always checked the transparency value of every product that has sponsored my videos. I believe in only promoting the products that are free from chemicals that harm the human body.”

Fit Tuber has accustomed his content to suit the needs of his audience during this tough time of the on-going pandemic. In the recent past, he has based his videos on top superfoods of India, weight-loss diets, and ways to stop overeating. This has undoubtedly helped his followers get a more substantial perspective on health and fitness and how they can take care of their bodies.

The success of Fit Tuber relies heavily on the fact that he shuns body-shaming and believes that this should be a non-existent concept in a world. The world is already battling severe issues than ones that should make people uncomfortable about their bodies. His most recent video named “Meet My Family” tickles a funny bone and provides comfort and moments of happiness to the audience.

Vivek’s followers and the flow of his content are what make him one of the most reliable fitness YouTubers in today’s landscape and someone that people of all walks of life can follow and relate to.