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Tushar Rayate develops rural India with his venture ‘NextgenDigiHub’

With digitization taking control over the world in a fast manner, individuals have gotten acquainted with welcoming social media in their everyday lives.

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A guide to marketing in the digital world does not come with expertise everywhere. It requires a keen eye and precision of the digital shift to bring strategies and campaigns that will aid in brand building and image enhancement. Tushar Rayate is one such digital marketer who is acing the digitization, not only as an effective marketer but also as an educator of the field.

Founder of a digital marketing agency and academy, Tushar Rayate launched NextgenDigiHub with a vision to educate the people from rural areas who are unknown to the benefits that the digital evolution can garner. His students not only learn about digital marketing but are also procured with an option to pursue a job in the same field.

Talking about his venture with NextgenDigiHub, Tushar says, “Nearly everything without exception can be a digital marketing asset. All it needs is to be a marketing tool to use online. Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and even blogging sites are all great examples of digital marketing. They help introduce people to your company and reach the desired target audience. It is a way to connect with and influence your potential customers and I want my students to understand this power and use it to reap the benefits along the way.”

Tushar is an instructor second to none who has tutored many understudies with his nuanced and useful way to deal with advanced promoting. Based out of Dhule, Pune, both Tushar, and his digital marketing firm have gotten honors for being a forward leap in-country strengthening through this system. He also yields free education for the children of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our country to breathe the air of freedom. He also helps the students who cannot afford basic education with scholarships and discounts on the fees.

Being a business visionary, advanced and web-based media advertising expert, consultant, trainer, and speaker, Tushar Rayate has been instrumental in forming the talk of digitization the nation over. He aims to create a flawless system that could create a connection between people from urban or rural areas.

Tushar has been called by numerous MBA organizations for giving his bits of knowledge into the tremendous universe of digital marketing that he has conquered. Every one of the courses that are being tutored in NextgenDigiHub is curated by Tushar himself by remembering the different requirements of people who need to profound and take a plunge in this exceptionally beneficial field.

Tushar also lays an emphasis on other aspects of digital media. He says, “Getting started with digital marketing is fairly easy. It can vary quite a bit depending on whether your ultimate goal is to drive clicks, conversions or leads, sales, revenue, or a certain return-on-investment (ROI). Hence, we also assist other organizations with their goals along the road of establishing their social presence.” Tushar Rayate has always been very particular and invested in his ventures at NextgenDigiHub Academy. According to him, it is his most priced project ever.

With digitization taking control over the world in a fast manner, individuals have gotten acquainted with welcoming social media in their everyday lives. Tushar accepts that the test is to make a space for this field among different callings on the planet. New and Seasoned Entrepreneurs are additionally empowered to redesign their elaborate digitally publicizing capacities to be used to keep up their online business. It is for certain that the villages being aware of all these aspects of digital marketing are soon going to rule over the most brands and firms in the country award. It is a shot in preparing the leaders of tomorrow and Tushar Rayate is leaving no stone unturned for the same.


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