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Sunil Ydv SS is a writer, blogger, online marketer who is motivating youngsters

Sunil is a writer, blogger, online marketer, and has worked with more than 50 MLAs, MPs, and Ministers in governments across India while providing motivation to youngsters.

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When you first meet Sunil ydv SS, founder of Apni Rachna, a platform for budding writers, and the brain behind SunilydvSS, he might intimidate you with big words and deep thoughts. However, he is a really simple guy who loves to handle complex stuff. This juxtaposition of opposing skills comes in handy because Sunil is an entrepreneur who also believes in motivating people while keeping them entertained.

Sunil is a writer, blogger, online marketer, and has worked with more than 50 MLAs, MPs, and Ministers in governments across India, while providing motivation to youngsters.

When Sunil came across social media, blogging in particular, he found it to be a great medium to share his favorite things with the rest of the world. He began with the ‘random stuff’ and later on, became serious about content generation. Sunil says, “I discovered ‘The Way’ to become my own boss through the power of the internet.”

Since we are living in a stressful world, Sunil said, he felt like motivating his audience, his followers, but with a dose of entertainment. He got onto the app ‘Telegram’ and started a channel to provide light-hearted, motivational content. His channel, SS Motivation by Sunil Kumar, garnered 2 lakh subscribers and 3 lakh viewers in no time.

Telegram Sensation – SS Motivation

When Sunil created his channel, he was just having fun online. However, when his channel struck a chord with youngsters and adults alike, he realized that he had created a medium to ‘make people happy’ despite their hectic schedule. Sunil claims that his channel has become Number 1 on Telegram with an amazing fan-following. His channel is special and different, where people love to browse through motivational content and light-hearted fun content together.

No wonder that Sunil continues to be an inspiration to his young fans. However, Sunil doesn’t want to rest on his laurels. He wants to get into filmmaking so that he can propagate his motivational ideas across the spectrum of audiences. He is particularly fond of actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who, he says, have struggled very hard to come up in Bollywood.

Apart from filmmaking, Sunil is also passionate about Urdu poetry. Urdu is the third language, apart from English and Hindi, in which Sunil is proficient. When asked what he loves to do in his free time, he said that apart from other things, he loves watching Bollywood movies and some of his favorites are Chak De, 3 Idiots and Lakshya.

So you see where he gets his motivation from! In the fast-paced life of today, Sunil’s motivational quotes continue to provide respite to lakhs daily. He invites every stressed individual to join SS Motivation and experience the magic of positivity. His words are like a cool shower on a scorching sunny day, feel his followers.

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