Jiya Sosa is a successful businesswoman and an excellent makeup artist who is currently one of the oldest and prominent names in the makeup industry. A woman who dared to pursue her dreams and embark on the journey of being an entrepreneur at a young age.

Best known as the online tutorial queen, Jiya has been training people and educating them using the modern techniques of social media live sessions from the past five years.

Her skills and passion towards fashion and beauty have helped her hit the ground running and pave her way to success. Sharing from her experience, Jiya has some tips for the young and budding makeup artists who are willing to take up a career as a freelance artist or start their own venture.

– Create a model portfolio of 20 to 30 faces. Ask friends and family members to “model” makeup for you, then follow up the session with a photograph. Seek women of different hair colours, eye colours and skin types. Demonstrate your ability to master different looks. Have the portfolio ready for any potential clients.

– Approach wedding and photography studios and offer your services as a makeup artist. Show your portfolio, pointing out any bridal photos, and leave your professional business cards with the coordinator. Talk to modelling schools and give prices for your services.

– Make online videos of some of your work, showing basic tips and techniques. Posting films will help establish you as a professional makeup artist and show off your style. Put links up on social networking sites to attract potential customers.

– Seek additional training and licensing to make your makeup artistry business more marketable. Consider taking special effects courses or complimentary classes on hair styling or skincare.

– Use professional-grade makeup products when practising your art. Don’t use subpar makeup that anyone can access and apply. Using exclusive products makes your work more desirable to clients.