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Sahil Kothari shares a few tips on increasing productivity

So, what do we mean when we say productivity? In layman’s terms, productivity is a tenet of life, a mental game.

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For ages, human beings have always been on a quest for giving themselves the best lives they can imagine. Little have we considered the significance of productivity in our lives and how attaining maximum productivity can make all the difference.

So, what do we mean when we say productivity? In layman’s terms, productivity is a tenet of life, a mental game. It is about being efficient in doing what we deliberately choose to do at all times, rather than what we feel compelled to do by circumstance.

Most people never achieve their maximum productivity because they are oblivious to their life goals. In this article, Sahil Kothari, founder of Sahil Kothari Traning and Consultancy, which to date has taught nearly 50000 students nationally, provides a few valuable tips on gaining maximum charge on productivity.

Tip # 1Self-awareness: Never has been a time like now when humans have become so ignorant to their goals and real purpose in life. With a rise in varieties of career options, we have become befuddled and anxious about choosing the right career path for ourselves.

And here, Sahil Kothari brings in his first antidote on dealing with productivity issues. “Well, I think self-awareness plays an indisputable role in a person’s life. One should be knowing what drives him to achieve the best results in any given task,” says Sahil Kothari.

He further states, “Loving what you do and being consciously aware of your goals can make people super-mindful on choosing their time and thereby increasing productivity.” Sahil Kothari deeply advocates the fact that human beings are most productive when they can experience themselves as unique and separate individuals.

Tip # 2Quit procrastination: Procrastination – A silent killer of productivity. We all know that procrastination is the end destination of productivity and why everyone who delays in doing the work can never achieve their desired prolificacy.

To heal this problem, Sahil Kothari has a piece of great advice that he would like to share. “Humans procrastinate in their tasks because they never incorporate the need of doing them in their life. Just think about this, would anyone delay in drinking water with a parched throat? When we start to factor our daily important tasks, not as a chore but as a deliberate need, we will start to work upon them immediately.”

He also says, “Prioritizing your work, making a to-do list and begin on taking actions as if your life is dependent on it can significantly boost up the productivity levels.”

Tip # 3Change your surroundings: It is said that a person is a replica of the three people with who he spends most of his time. Humans are social animals and their behaviour can be shaped by people who are present in their surroundings.

Sahil Kothari knows this well and that’s why he suggests people get away from those energy spaces which can hamper their productivity levels.

“I always tell everyone to be around people who are like-minded and have the same zeal for improving productivity. If you are in a company with people who are not productive themselves, it will likely camouflage your behaviour too. Change your surroundings if you think people present there are likely to bring down your high-yielding production levels and associate with those who will always instil motivation on putting your best foot forward,” he concludes.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.