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Ryan Roach and his non-profit Punch 4 Parkinson’s initiative is helping many to battle Parkinson’s disease

Common symptoms include increasing tremors and stiffness as well as problems associated with one’s motor abilities.

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In the wake of rising cases of Parkinson’s disease in his community, Ryan Roach initiated a drive to support boxers battling the ailment. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease that has impacted the lives of millions worldwide. Common symptoms include increasing tremors and stiffness as well as problems associated with one’s motor abilities. Limited research shows the prolonged effects of exercise to help alleviate the symptoms.

After realizing the influence exercise such as boxing had on people with developing Parkinson’s symptoms, Roach was quick to explore the potential benefits. He decided to raise awareness and support by starting his non-profit organization called “Punch 4 Parkinson’s”. This non-profit aims to help individuals with Parkinson’s disease manage their symptoms via boxing routines crafted by Roach.

Hailing from a family where boxing is an element of life, Roach is passionate about the sport. Roach feels a strong sense of duty to help others both in and out of his community. “Punch 4 Parkinson’s” allows him to do just that. Since its inception in 2018, “Punch 4 Parkinson’s” has raised over $500,000, which has assisted with the treatments of over 100 boxers annually. With first-hand experience, which impacted his life profoundly, he understood the importance of staying active primarily through boxing. It was only after meeting Khiry Todd, a fellow boxer, that he began to form a clear vision of his program.

In addition to being the founder of “Punch 4 Parkinson’s”, Roach serves as a Lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department and works as a successful professional Boxing Manager at Fighter Locker. Prior to this, Ryan spent 8 active years and 4 in the reserves with the United States Coast Guard. Currently, he is a resident in Boston, along with his wife, two children, and a pair of dogs. He carries immense love and respect for his family as they bestow the love and support needed.

Ryan Roach has presented a new approach for dealing with the disease. While raising funds and creating a perfect workout regimen for each of his boxers, he was successful in implementing his ideas and fully realizing his vision. Today “Punch 4 Parkinson’s” has been lauded as one of the top institutions to provide support for the Parkinson’s community. His efforts have raised awareness and he has hopes to gradually escalate his program to the next level.

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