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Restaurateur Orkan Doganci is redefining the culinary business

When he was a kid, he decided to explore the world and become a restaurateur at a global level.

Advertorial | New Delhi |

The food and hospitality industry is growing at a very fast pace. Since the last few years, there’s a significant growth of restaurateurs in every part of the world. Orkan Doganci, a German man, is one of the celebrated restaurateurs today. Born in Troisdorf in a Turkish immigrant family, he had an entrepreneurial mind since his childhood. When he was 13, he started working in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant. When he was a kid, he decided to explore the world and become a restaurateur at a global level. After school, he discovered and learned a lot from different chefs of the world before starting his journey.

Despite having the restaurants owned by his father in Germany, he wanted his own recognition in the restaurant industry. That saw him leave Germany at the age of 27 after which he moved to London to know the restaurant business there. Later, he moved to Dubai where his fortunes changed as he opened his first restaurant along with his two friends. In 2011, he launched his first Bosporus restaurant which is considered one of the largest Turkish restaurant chains in Dubai.

After that, he launched another restaurant named Fahham which is situated in the heart of Istanbul city. When asked about his future endeavors he said, “I am currently planning to open yet another restaurant in the United States. I believe to go slowly and set targets which have helped me to get the best outcome. I am thankful to God that things are going as per my plan.” With exploring different places in the world, Orkan Doganci is having success coming from all the quarters.

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