Rahul Ahuja is a 29-year-old successful Social Worker (B.S.W and M.S.W ) and a food blogger from Delhi, India.

Social media has really proved to be a great platform for influencers to express and exhibit one’s art and people like Rahul are seriously making the best use of it and gaining popularity in the influencers’ world.

Rahul Ahuja @eatsindia (theahujarahul, therahulahuja) is a prime example of a person who has utilised the most of the social media platforms to share his food journey with the world (Zomato, Helo, Tripadvisor, Google Maps etc) and most importantly, creating waves on Instagram.

Rahul is, however, not working only for the money. He is trying to live his dream with the love for travel and food and his passion for capturing it in its most beautiful way.

As we all know it is really hard for anyone to establish their name in any industry, especially as a blogger or an influencer but for him, it was a bit easy because of the love and devotion for food.

Rahul as an influencer is surely an outgoing person who simply loves to visit and meet people and at the same time understands their experiences, especially if they are related to food and he never fails to guide other bloggers with his knowledge.

Ahuja is not just a blogger but a real influencer in life who is trying to make a difference in the society by enabling the people in need and at the same time making the best efforts to make his mark on the National as well as the International stage with his Instagram and other social media profiles.

Rahul Ahuja has made his name in the food industry and he keeps growing every day with new experiences.

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