At the age of 16, when every teenager is diving inside the books, ProSingh started his StartUp “instaEASY LLC” which helped thousands of Instagram accounts to grow over the years. He is the perfect example that age doesn’t define your capabilities and what you can achieve.

Parwinder Singh, also known as ProSingh, is an Indian teenage entrepreneur, writer, and social media influencer who began at the age of 13 to mark his presence in the business world and change people’s mindsets about what a teenager can do.

ProSingh’s journey started through learning and also getting certified in Cyber Security. His curiosity about technology helped him to ignite his interest in programming at the age of 15. Within a few months, he launched his first Android app named “Money Rewards” and many more.

He began participating in Inter college Coding competitions which gave him exposure to new technologies and developed his workaholic nature. He was also the youngest participant at Asia World MUN IV which was held in Bali, Indonesia.

Subsequent learning for almost 3 years helped ProSingh to start his startup at the age of 16. InstaEASY is an Instagram marketing software that helps people to get more exposure to their targeted audience. Its sole purpose is to help businesses to gain more leads on Instagram. InstaEASY became one of the best Instagram marketing tools around the globe.

ProSingh wrote his first book at the age of 17, “The Actual Growth Hack – Complete Guide for Instagram”, about Instagram marketing secrets.