There are not many social activists like the one we are talking about here. He is much more than a social activist. He is a social worker and he believes in getting his hands dirty to deliver on his promises. This is the story of a common man who is not so common and who is a “Hero” for his community and tribe.

Pranay V Patil has done engineering from Germany and he specialises in mechanical engineering, one of the toughest pursuits that needs an impeccable mind to pull off. However, Pranay had other plans when he came out of college. He wanted to serve the underprivileged section of society; a dream and a purpose that he has been contemplating since he was in school.

It is said that leadership is all about having a vision and solving problems. A London daily newspaper interviewed Pranay to know more about his passion for helping the weaker section of society. They asked him several questions about his journey and aspirations.

He has been working closely with the marginalised communities, farmers, students and poor labourers of Belgaum, Karnataka (a city he is deeply connected to). He never ceases to surprise us with his and his Abhaji Foundation’s humanitarian works.

What drives you to work so hard for society and the people?

“I think that in this day and age, many people have forgotten their principles because all they care about are money and power. What such people fail to realise is that real power comes from helping the weak and needy.”

Pranay, who has done his higher education in Germany and is an engineer, has a special love for the poor section of society. Pranay runs Abhaji Foundation and he’s looked up to by everyone.

There has also been gossip making rounds among producers of the Indian film industry about you joining the Bollywood fraternity. Is that what you want to do?

“Not at all! I have a few producer and director friends there but that is not my cup of tea either.”

What is it that you want then?

“I just want some peace and quiet, a life where emotions and feelings matter. I am still on the hunt and will let you know as I set my heart on something,” Patil answered.

What do you think are the necessary traits an aspiring social worker must have?

“Well, there are so many things—patience, open-mindedness, problem-solving abilities, empathy, respect, organization, caring, good knowledge of community resources, strong communication skills, compassion, ability to work with folks from many different walks of life, strong stomach (in some jobs), lack of judgment, desire to help others improve their situation, good personal boundaries, etc. But most importantly, it is all about how willing you are to help these people. If you are willing enough, you can always push through your limits.”

Pranay is an example of living your life for a cause and not only for material gains. There is nothing better than dedicating your life to something meaningful.