Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, and that has nothing to do with the level of success one can achieve. Struggles make you stronger, and perhaps, you come out of them with a passion for success.

Rachid El Khabbachi, a famous lifestyle influencer on Instagram, also known as JM, feels no fear in looking back at his tough childhood and openly talking about it to inspire a million others.

Growing up in the streets of Mauritania, Rachid witnessed hunger and the sorrow that comes with poverty. “As a child, I would wander the streets and beg for money,” said Rachid El Khabbachi as he was inquired about his childhood.

“I would see children dressed up in uniform walking down the lane with their parents for school while I’d interrupt their blissful route by begging for money,” Rachid El Khabbachi still feels the striking pain that poverty inflicted upon him.

Like a blessing in disguise, poverty induced hunger for success in Rachid at a very young age as he bore in him a desire to give his family a privileged life. He observed businesses negotiating deals, investing money, and availing as many opportunities as he could.

Khabbachi later incorporated all of this knowledge into his own real estate business and got his hands on a significant profit soon that he further invested in buying shares. He’d purchase gold and sell it off for a price higher than what he bought it for and did the same with diamonds.

By smartly progressing in business, JM was able to give his family the kind of life they longed. Today, he inspires many through his lifestyle blog on Instagram. From having a poor lifestyle to building one that makes everyone’s jaw drop open, Rachid El Khabbachi has proved that he is a self-made man worthy of all the praise that he gets and credible enough to be an inspiration that he is.