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Nidal Rasheed believes Passion and Determination are perfect ingredients in attaining financial freedom

Nidal Rasheed too has a story full of struggles and it has been invigorating many young minds.

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His Real Estate company provides his clients with the opportunity to invest and become successful like him.

Nidal Rasheed believes that for one individual to turn into a successful businessman you must have the will and strong determination in achieving your goal. He was 10 years old when his family moved to Australia in 1996 after his family encountered a lot of challenges overseas. This urged him to become a successful businessman knowing that this is the best thing to do to become rich. When Nidal was 14 years old he first started his business running 6 vending machines. This experience got him into various businesses over the years including sales and marketing, health and nutrition, supplement distribution, owning a restaurant, and launching his Real Estate career in 2009.

Nidal Rasheed is the man behind Silvertail Property Group’s success as the managing director. Nidal’s trademark efficient and ethical practices with endless determination took him from running vending machines to launching Silvertail Property Group. He also runs an award-winning restaurant and then becomes the number one Consultant for ASX500 listed property developers. Nidal has a passion for inspiring growth, creating wealth, and enabling financial freedom for his clients and colleagues. Building a long-term relationship with his clients and serving them the best way possible through a stress-free, streamlined, and investment process is his major focus.

At the age of 25, his faith was challenged while running a restaurant for five years. But, it didn’t stop him from reaching his goals. Nidal Rasheed managed to bounce back and made his first million at the age of 30 with 4 properties and 3 companies to run. Through his determination, Nidal won the Alpha award as a top salesperson nationally with an ASX500 listed property developer. This inspires him to start his own business and makes him win the SA young owner/entrepreneur of the year award in two consecutive years. He considered himself a serial entrepreneur who made his way to the top despite all the drawbacks.

Nidal Rasheed would like to spread the message of the importance of financial education and the risk of not paying attention to your wealth creation during your working years. When asked about who inspired him to reach the level of success he is today, he said, “I was inspired by myself, with a combination of inspiration and desperation”. He also learned from the people he met like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Napoleon Hill.

To his ideal clients who wants to improve their life, business, or relationships, he would like them to have a clear and concise goal, map out a plan/strategy that moves towards the goal, find a mentor whose achievement is similar to what they want to achieve, every day you have to improve at least 1 per cent, and track your progress along the way and be flexible to your approach. This is Nidal’s recommendation that will surely help every aspiring businessman achieve their goal.

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