Miss World South Australia Lucinda Nicholas has joined hands with an Interesting AI-based fitness app called, Thunderpod for ‘Hug A Tree Challenge’ where any user can click a picture hugging a tree and upload the same on Thunderpod app. Wondering what’s after that? Each picture uploaded gets detected by Thunderpod artificial intelligence and the team will plant a tree, thus contributing towards nature conservation project #saveearth. The challenge is created for backing earth conservation amidst Amazon Bush Fire. Because of this and other interesting challenges, the app has seen over 3 lakh downloads in 3 months.

When asked about this interesting challenge, Lucinda said, “I am so happy and pleased to be part of this Thunderpod campaign. Not only it is leading in technology but it provides social awareness for issues that we are facing in current times globally – the bushfires which have been severely affecting Australia have been devastating. Being part of doing our bit in tackling climate change is incredible and this challenge provides me and my audience a chance to give back in a fun and interactive way, with a cause that is so close to my heart. I think is an absolutely brilliant initiative. I can’t wait to see what other challenges Thunderpod comes out with.”