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Kai Schoene is a social media influencer in the field of graphic designing

To explore the idea of initiating something innovative that can give him the chance to delve into various other creative aspects of his work, he moved to Switzerland.

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If you wish to be remembered for long in people’s good books than you must create something inspiring out of your life story no matter how simple it may be.

Similarly, one such story is of Kai Schoene. He started his career by working at an advertising agency. His passion for videography and web designing was invincible. Soon, he made his mark as a senior art director of a well-known company in Bremen, Germany.

However, he made a twist in his journey of rising success by making a daring move. To explore the idea of initiating something innovative that can give him the chance to delve into various other creative aspects of his work, he moved to Switzerland. Backed by his strong set of skills, this German graphic designer worked rigorously on the graphic implementations for a company’s campaigns.

As Jim Rohn says, ‘successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do’, Kai proves it with his decision of making a fresh start irrespective of the challenges in the process. After two years of massive input in Switzerland, he came up with the idea of making emotional videos that can tell a story.

Thus, with the help of a friend, he founded the famous projects yourcarstory and yourcompanystory. With yourcarstory, Kai films special cars with history in an emotional way and with yourcompanystory, he films the story of the company weaving it into an emotional experience.

If we look deeply into Kai’s journey, we can clearly learn that success is about spending much of your time focused on the work that is fulfilling, awakening your creativity, discovering your latent talent, leveraging your genius and capabilities while helping others in a meaningful way, in addition to enjoying the life you wish to spend.

Talking about his personal habits, he is a highly disciplined person. Waking up early in the morning, workout and mindfulness exercises, healthy clean eating and organizing the day in a way that fosters creativity are some of his mentioned traits.

Kai’s story also teaches us that how humbleness can elevate you substantially. His down to earth nature is obvious in his interactions with people after winning the 7th position in the prestigious Switzerland award, the Swiss Men’s Award in 2019.

Moreover, by standing in the row of top 10 mister right in Switzerland, he proved that the things that are seemingly farfetched can be acquired with the consistency of struggles. We can make impossible things possible with our capacity, or we make them unachievable with our restricted imagination. If you have a strong belief in yourself than you do not seek validation from others for your every actionable step.

As Henry David Thoreau said, ‘Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it’, Kai Schoene’s example seems fitting to it. His impressive social media influence also depicts that the passion he carries for his profession is admirable. It acts as a guiding light for the amateur graphic designers and future entrepreneurs.

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