A fleeting world of emotions that is fundamental to our existence and defines our cognizance of human elements is quintessential to not only individual sentiments but also delicately blending the relationships around us.

However, we often have uncertainty around expressing our emotions and acknowledging our feelings.

In her book ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’, author Jyoti Jha portrays some of those strong emotions resonating in human behaviour and intends to communicates to the readers through different characters of the book and their sentiments.

The stories in the book tend to depict some innate set of strong emotions like those of fierce sense of survival, guilt and grief, tumultuous fear, dynamics of understanding, compassion, companionship, the survival instinct of a mother, an evolving sibling relationship, the feeling of resentment, holding on to a flickering hope, the prevalence of fear in a loving relationship, a strong sentiment of rejection, a deeply cherished longing of the heart or the intense forces of fate.

Each story carries the essence of a particularly dominant emotion in the presented scenario in the lives of the protagonists and the resultant actions.  Through the protagonists of the stories, the author tries to present the human emotions that continually strive to find a balance between the outer hurricane of sentiments and an inner vortex of fervours.

Through this book, the author not only portrays the spheres of human emotions by way of its different characters but also deals with individual sentiments exquisitely woven around the relationships around those characters.

This book is originated from a mix of some factual accounts drawn from the realms of human emotions and a multitude of elements evoked from the figments of imagination sketched across the stratum of the human psychosomatic canvas.