Get ready to be transported to a world of harmony and relaxation in these turbulent times with just a click. Musician Jeremy Devaughn is all set to conquer the world of music with his promising debut single “Leave” on the 1st of June.

Check out his Instagram @jeremydevaughn to listen.

When the whole world is battling the dreaded pandemic and quarantining themselves as a precautionary measure, Chicago based Jeremy Devaughn is using his quarantine time wisely. He is experimenting with new sounds and ideas. His efforts have translated into this wonderful music and melody which people are going to love the world over.

The highlights of the track are its lo-fi relaxing vibe which is a perfect balm for the ravaged minds and souls of the people in the current dark and trying times. This album is being released at a very opportune time.

Music and especially music therapy have from time immemorial been known to decrease the perception of pain, reduce the amount of medication needed for pain, help relieve depression, and give patients suffering from pain a better sense of control while also improving the quality of life in general. Music undoubtedly touches all aspects of the human mind, brain and behaviour.

The release of this album will be significant in providing the much-needed distraction that good music can provide and alleviate the current pain and suffering that all human beings across the globe are undergoing.

The release of this album is pertinent and timely and it is already poised on its flight of success by being strategically placed on the springboard of the COVID lockdown and quarantine period.

This album is a labour of love where Jeremy’s dedication to providing exceptionally good music and his passion combine and deliver outstanding music.

His enthusiasm is high as he says, “I can’t wait until we play these songs live!”

So all music lovers get ready and mark the 1st of June as a red-letter day with “Leave”, that is all set to go down in history as the first successful single from Jeremy Devaughn.