Love, Scandal and Doctors – a medical thriller that is a first of its kind, an incredible cast, and a story that brings the characters to life, with their pains, laughter, expertise, and everything else in between.

As the name suggests, it is a story of love, scandal and doctors wrapped in a bow that is entertainment with Ishaan Khanna is at the hem of it.

Ishaan Khanna is an actor who has built his way up to the top, becoming recognized for his work in the entertainment industry. He was raised alongside his elder brother by his mom and grandparents.

Filmmaking has been a passion he has fostered since he was a young child, and it’s been a natural course for his career.

In Love, Scandal and Doctors, Ishaan brings out his character in an effortless show of his talent and passion. The story revolves around five medical interns who are caught up in a scandal. Murder in a medical drama is not a common plot, but this story is unlike any other and blends together aspects of drama, thrill, and a touch of suspense.

Ishaan was discovered while he was playing a small role in a web series – Flesh, which catapulted him into bigger roles. He worked in ads and every small role he could find, even behind the scenes work before catching a break.

Ishaan credits his great work performance today to the years of experience he gained working behind the scenes and in small roles. He says that it prepared him for the roles that he is undertaking now.

In addition to acting and filmmaking, Ishaan is also a sports enthusiast. He studied theatre in school, which served as a gateway to his acting career. Today, he serves as not only a great character in a great show but as an inspiration to many young people who are pursuing their passions.

When he is not wowing us on screen, Ishaan loves spending time with animals, especially dogs, and works on personal mastery.