One name that has truly excelled in Russia’s TV and radio industry is Natalia Butkevich. She owned a program on TV ‘Kinoshanc’ in 2010 and has featured in many articles of the top publications and has also been on the covers of the magazines including Elle, Tatler, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. Born on June 10, 1974, she completed her graduation as a TV and radio presenter from Ostankino TV School after which she did her higher studies from the New York Film Academy as an actress, producer, and TV presenter. She has appeared on Russian Television many times and has a major experience in the field of entertainment.

The TV personality was born with looks that of a celebrity. Not just this, Natalia showed her true potential with being a good speaker. She is a lecturer who gives personal consultations about chakras, energy, body healing, and channeling transformation. Furthermore, she is soon planning to make her foray on YouTube where she will create content about body healing and the connection between energy and humans. Sharing her views about body healing she said, “It is really important to understand your body from within and surround yourself with positivity”.

During her leisure time, Natalia loves to travel and write blogs about her travel experiences. Her Instagram popularity is growing at a fast pace. She is also a lifestyle influencer who has been giving an insight into her day to day life right from her fashion statement to her favorite destinations. Till now, Butkevich has traveled to many destinations including Turkey, Miami, New York, Bahamas, and Dubai.