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Gregory Grishayev is trying to redefine the alternative milk section with Avocado Milk

The humble avocado is considered one of the healthiest fruits today because it helps you fight cancer, keeps your cholesterol in check, improves your digestion and even deals with depression.

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You see avocados on almost everyone’s Instagram feed these days. People put it on toast for breakfast, wraps for lunch, smoothies for snacks, and salads for dinner.

The humble avocado is considered one of the healthiest fruits today because it helps you fight cancer, keeps your cholesterol in check, improves your digestion and even deals with depression.

But unlike most healthy foods, you won’t feel bad getting your daily dose of avocado because of its sweetness and creamy texture.

Entrepreneur Gregory Grishayev, the man behind many successful businesses, believes that there’s more to the humble avocado than just being turned into a smoothie or added into a salad.

For those who don’t enjoy eating their fruits, they can still benefit from all of the avocado’s nutrients by drinking avocado milk.

A closer look at the alternative milk section

The alternative milk market is booming. In a recent market research published by Meticulous Research, the dairy alternative market is projected to reach a market value of $44.89 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 11.2%.

This is due to the growing demand for dairy alternatives to traditional cow’s milk, with almond milk, oat milk and soy milk being some of the most popular options.

Cow’s milk and its alternatives

Almost every household has a supply of cow’s milk on their fridge and it has also been used as an alternative to breastmilk for infants for many years now. It’s no secret that cow’s milk is rich in calcium and it’s also a good source of protein.

But in recent years, studies have revealed several risks related to drinking cow’s milk, especially in infants and children. For instance, 2% of children are allergic to the protein content in cow’s milk while some may also experience lactose intolerance.

So, what are the most popular alternatives to cow’s milk?

  • Almond milk

A lot of health enthusiasts swear by almond milk because it’s vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. This milk has been used for centuries because of its long shelf life, but almond milk has risen in popularity because of its many health benefits.

For one, it is high in antioxidants that prevent cancer. Among all alternative kinds of milk, almond milk has the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals like copper, iron, zinc and magnesium.

The only downside to drinking almond milk is that it’s not suitable for people with tree nut allergies. But it’s a great alternative for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

  • Oat milk

Oat milk is another popular alternative to traditional dairy, especially for people who have special dietary restrictions or those who are vegan.

This type of alternative milk is actually rich in iron that helps prevent anaemia, calcium to strengthen the bones and fibre and protein to help with digestion and lower bad cholesterol.

But oat milk may also contain high amounts of preservatives and sugar, so you need to be careful of what product you choose and some experts say that it’s not as nutrient-rich as other alternative milk products.

  • Soy milk

Soy milk has always been a popular non-dairy beverage not only because it tastes good but also because of its many health benefits. Soy milk is packed with nutrients like fibre, sugar, calories and protein, and it’s also one of the best alternatives to dairy that you can put in your coffee, cereal, smoothie or desserts.

Although there have been rumours about soy increasing the risks for breast cancer in women, studies have proven that soy is actually a good way to reduce those risks.

Introducing the avocado milk

If you’re crazy for everything avocado, then you should rush to your favourite grocery store and you might just find some avocado milk sitting on the shelves—but that’s if you’re lucky.

It is because avocado milk is still not massively produced right now, although the demand is growing fast. Gregory Grishayev aims to answer this challenge by pushing for the mass production of avocado milk.

But you might be wondering: how exactly does avocado milk taste? It actually tastes like your regular milk with a hint of avocado flavour. The consistency is also thicker because avocado is naturally creamy.

The first avocado milk was actually created by accident when milk was combined with avocado to make mayonnaise, but it turned out to have a thinner consistency.

More people are now loving this unique alternative to your daily dose of dairy and with that comes the huge demand for more products to be made available in the market.

Gregory Grishayev is pushing to make avocado milk available to a bigger market through mass production. “This will give more people the chance to enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of avocado milk, which should be part of everyone’s diet,” he explained.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.