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Entrepreneur Issa Sammak wants to mentor young minds with his new e-Course

Issa Sammak is a digital expert who is gaining fame all over the world with his expertise in the digital industry.

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An entrepreneur with a strong motivation to train young entrepreneurs is coming up with a brand new business course. The course will guide the aspiring young entrepreneurs throughout the difficult ways to start their desired ventures.

These days, the digital industry is a fast-growing field and entrepreneurs are earning their fame through different social media platforms. Issa Sammak is a digital expert who is gaining fame all over the world with his expertise in the digital industry. After his massive success in the e-commerce business, Abu Dhabi TV visited his company to do an interview with Issa and learn more information about his great achievements.

Issa started from scratch and with his untiring efforts, he is now living his dream to the fullest. Having once been in the beginner’s shoes himself, he feels the urge today to guide the young businessmen so that they can grab all the opportunities that might come their way.

As Issa says: “Things don’t start happening and pieces falling into place without conducting complete market research first.” This is exactly what Issa himself did when starting his businesses before even executing any ideas at all. That’s also one of the reasons he is successfully running his business operations in the Middle East today with more than 30 employees who work for his branding agency and over 200 virtual assistants for his e-Commerce businesses.

Sammak feels that if anyone has an idea in their mind, they should dedicate all their efforts to take action and start working on it ASAP without any hesitation. The reason being that, because of how the human brain works, your brilliant idea can sooner or later occur in someone else’s mind, even slightly modified but still it can be the same principle as your original idea, and that person can take action on it and execute it before you do, which will end up in you regretting the delay. Very similar as in Thomas Edison’s quote: “Vision without execution is just a hallucination”.

Another advice from Issa regarding the financial side: “Do not ever let the lack of resources hold you back.” In this digital age, it is really easy to start with little to no money at all, especially in online business. Just start with whatever you have and let it work, once it’s working and you feel that your plan is approaching your budget, try finding some investors who will identify themselves with your vision and invest in you, which will then help to scale your business to new heights.

Lastly, as Issa added, there is no such thing as an overnight success.  People need to work hard on their ambitions and better be prepared for many obstacles on the business journey. Have plans, not just one, not two, have several ones. Any business needs long term plan, mid-term plan as well as daily, weekly and monthly task calendars.

There has never been a better time to start an online business than now. Take full advantage of this digital era and use all the tools it offers the right way so you can grow and earn 6 to 7 figures both online and offline while using the exact marketing solutions that have worked for others – no need to reinvent the wheel.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.