The young Egyptian actor, Ali Adel, renowned for his role of ‘Khaled’ in a historical drama ‘Bab al-Hara’ is now all set to make his international debut very soon.  Ali Adel has already won the love of Arabic audiences as well as has received global appreciation and love from fans, artists, and directors. In recent days, Ali has started discussing his new projects with various renowned filmmakers across the world and soon will be seen in the movies acclaimed globally.

Ali Adel is one such example of ‘how hard work always pays off as you follow your passion’. He was born in Qatar and comes from an Egyptian Bahraini descent.  He has always wished to be an actor since his school days and has participated in various theatrical productions. For his passion for acting, he has always taken up every opportunity, big or small, that came in his way.  Soon he was seen on the TV and in the movies. Ali has worked in various projects and has even won the best male actor in Egypt award thrice.

The young actor has various credits to his name; some of his projects include Hamada Plays, Qadain Leh in 2005, Inas Bakr’s popular series ‘Hanan Wa Haneen’ in the year 2007, Ehky Ya Shahrazad’ and ‘Hala and Almstahbi’ in 2009, What the Day Owes the Night (2012) and El-Haram el-Rabe (2016) and Feature Film German.

As the World is shrinking every day with the help of the internet and advanced technology, one does not need to limit or restrict itself to magazines, newspapers, or cut-outs for any kind of information. A person is just a click away from the entire world, its people, and the available knowledge or any new development in any industry.

Along with the other industries the world of cinema, theatre, and tv have stretched to new dimensions, as now it’s not just circumscribed to local audiences but to the masses in every corner of the world. Because of this, today audiences cannot miss a great talent like Ali Adel from their screens and their eyes.

The 22-year-old actor has worked with many popular actors in his career till now, namely, Wael Sharaf, Rawad Aliyo, Lajin Isma’il, Haya Marashli, Marwan Abu Shahin, etc. Ali Adel has started filming in Alaa al-Sahnawi’s crime genre project titled, “Naqab al-Rouh”.