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Dubai Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad has a rich collection of beasts animals in his Zoo

Animals seek to live in environments where they are cared constantly, and Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad is taking full care of his family.

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Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad, a renowned personality, is an animal lover to the core. His love for animals could be assessed because he has created a beautiful place for animals where top names of Saudi come and visit every day.

The wild animals that the Vice Chairman of the Dubai Police Committee owns are Komodo Dragon, Ring-Tailed Lemur, White Tigers, Albino Owls, White Crows, Albino Leopard Cat, to name a few. He is able to keep all the creatures beautifully in his Zoo with proper care.

He was born an animal lover, and even in this hectic schedule, he can take out time for his loved ones in the Zoo. He is getting good support from family and friends in this work. Due to all love and support, he is able to increase animals in his Zoo.

Many animals in the Zoo are from many years. He is in the limelight due to his different love for animals. Looking at his passion, we feel Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad will develop his own safari in the coming years. His unique love for animals is gaining lots of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

Animals seek to live in environments where they are cared constantly, and Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad is taking full care of his family.

Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad called on all those wanting to raise animals not to do so without having sufficient knowledge. He said at times. It is dangerous to enter the cages of hungry animals. Their temper and tail movements need to be closely observed.

To create such a beautiful garden and then a Zoo in Dubai needs vision and lots of care with money. The production and reproduction fluency of plants and animals for Masoud Alhammad produced great income, which he further reinvested in acquiring the neighbouring land for incremental production and reproduction facilities. As soon as his garden transformed into a park, many foreigners also got attracted to its beauty, filled with the world’s best flora and fauna.

He did all things officially by connecting with the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources, Government of UAE to help him acquire more land and resources. His passion for exotic animals and his feeling for providing them with a better environment got his project approved. Today, it has become a well-recognized zoo in the region. Masoud Alhammad also arranged training schools for students interested in making it huge in the botanical subject and animal husbandry.

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