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Digital marketer Avinash Singh is spreading wings globally

He is a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur and an equally sharp student.

Advertorial | New Delhi |

Avinash Singh, also called the “Youngest Digital Marketer”, is achieving colossal statures at a young age. He is a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur and an equally sharp student.

At this age, where many others of his age are losing their time in playing computer games, chattering, watching motion pictures, and so forth, Avinash’s concept is of accomplishing something novel so that he can bear the outing of the group. He started his Digital Marketing venture named Initiators Media and software Pvt Ltd and provided services like Social Media marketing, site improvement, SEO, Music marketing, Web development, Software launches in the international market.

His work and endeavours were valued and by then, he was additionally highlighted on numerous sites. He used to buckle down day and night, basically to end up being a specialist in his subject. This youthful Digital entrepreneurship started getting regard from some notable characters as he satisfied them through his marketing skills. He has been given the Digital promoting testament from Google which turned into his first achievement.

Subsequent to working with 1000+ clients worldwide, his team members consist of Manish Kumar Singh and Amit Kumar Gandhi. The coordination of the team is wonderful and as of late, they completed 1000+ customers that incorporate 12 brands. Later on, also, they’re good to go to work with various renowned music label companies and verified users all across the world.

Subsequent to acquiring much appreciation around there, he resolved to begin influencer promoting as he had contacts with numerous acclaimed influencers, makers, and entertainers. Thus, he began a different influencer advertising business. He’s taking care of 100+ verified influencers on Instagram and is snared with more than 300 makers. Avinash Singh is considered one of the fastest-growing digital entrepreneurs in the world who spread his business worldwide in a very small time.

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