As rightly said by someone “Remember why you started” gives us a lot of hope and inspires us to do better in whatever we wish to do in our lives. The same way it helped Jaime Manteiga to build and develop many companies.

His journey has been extremely exciting, inspiring, gruelling and exhausting at the same time. His sheer passion has enabled him to reach newer heights in life and set benchmarks for others.

At an age of 31, Jaime owns two amazing companies and is CEO of Venkon Corp and TAPTOK. This Cuban-American IT entrepreneur has a master’s degree in Application development from CICE. He has also served and holds professional certifications from many reputed organizations.

Jaime also holds ranks for being Information Systems Auditor and is also a certified ethical hacker. With a rich professional experience of 10 years in IT consulting and cybersecurity, Jaime ranked up the ladders of success by being the recipient of the Tesla Hall of Fame Award, Spotify Hall of Fame Award, and Shopify Research Awards.

Jaime has also been an official member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and Forbes Technology Council, also featuring for several media outlets like Forbes, PR Web, Kivo Daily, INC and others.

Jaime’s initial work started back in 2011 when he was working as a developer for Bridge Century Technology and then moved on for the role of Project Manager handling different Investments and Financial requirement of the company.

Seeking better growth opportunities, Jaime worked with a couple of more organizations like Investigaciones Informáticas, Elevate Consult, Trunity, where he worked in different functions and parallels of the company thereby increasing his reach of knowledge and gaining further expertise in risk management, network systems, cloud infrastructure security, engineering support and network documentations.

Jaime Manteiga then founded Venkon Corp in 2014 to start his entrepreneurial journey based out of Miami, Florida. Jaime always wanted to start a company that would address different issues of the clients who would counter IT security challenges and cybersecurity threats.

And so, Venkon corp was up to the task for the same in offering specific solutions for cyber-security threats and IT compliance requirements to their clients.

Jaime’s dream of making custom-tailored solutions that address information security challenges faced by different types of businesses and organizations was finally coming true.

In 2020, Jaime founded second company TAPTOK which featured in contactless technology by bringing TAPTOK cards to other person’s device for data to get transferred.

This innovative idea created a huge buzz among users and the media. With such an amazing response from the business industry and emerging markets, Jaime Manteiga wants to march ahead and rise big in the world of entrepreneurs.