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Colston Julian says “Shane Warne’s loss was truly untimely.”

During the shoot I had to be hoisted by a crane so that I could be perpendicular to Shane as he lay on the bed of cricket balls.

Brand Post | New Delhi |

India’s leading fashion & commercial photographer, Colston Julian on his experience working with Shane Warne and more. 

 How was it working with Shane Warne?

It was a wonderful experience shooting with Shane Warne. He was fun loving and he was fine with anything thrown at him. The most interesting part about this project was that SKY sports and his manager planned the entire shoot. They had not informed Shane regarding the shoot or the concept. It was only when he reached the location did, he understand what we were planning to do. I was not sure if it was a good idea. However, when we were briefing him, he said ‘Wow this is not what I thought we were doing but I love the idea and jumped straight into shoot laughing. He was happy. The man had positive energy in abundance which was infectious on and off the set.’

 Who decided the concept? 

Initially when I was approached by SKY for the project, we discussed the idea of shooting something different. The creative director suggested we work on a concept and that is when he suggested he had an idea in mind he would like to narrate and shared the idea with me. I loved the concept but figuring out logistics was a nightmare. Carrying over 2500 cricket balls to Rajasthan where we would allotted the time to shoot with Shane. 

 Tell us more about the shoot location and which city? 

We shot in Jaipur as Shane was travelling with the Rajasthan Royals at that point. Even though logistics was a huge worry considering it was a non-metro city, we had to make it happen as that was the only slot we were given. We managed to get the space at the ITC hotel where the team was staying so that it would be convenient for Shane. The hotel staff were extremely helpful as we had to get the 2500 cricket balls inside and make two sets the day before which was quite a task.

 What was the shoot for?

 The shoot was for SKY sports, a British television sports network, they wanted to do a campaign with Shane at the time and they also wanted to shoot a cover with Shane for their channel’s magazine.

 What was Shane Warne like on the sets considering the fact that he was a legend?

Shane was truly a fun person. He was amazingly cooperative and cheerful on the set despite the fact that he was not aware of what we had planned for him. He laughed it off and said “Come on lads let’s make this amazing”. He was warm with the entire crew and post the shoot he insisted that we all joined him for dinner. His loss was truly untimely. The entire cricket fraternity and the sport world has truly lost a legend. 

Anyone one particular incident that you would like to share with us? A memory you carry forward from the shoot? 

During the shoot I had to be hoisted by a crane so that I could be perpendicular to Shane as he lay on the bed of cricket balls. I was a bit uncomfortable. Shane paused amidst the shoot to check if i was ok and if i would like to take a break? The fact that he himself was lying on the cricket balls which were so uncomfortable as well, his warmth radiated as he ensured the team was taken care off and eating. He refused to take a break for the cover despite being in a rig that would not permit him to move. Shane was not just a legendary cricketer and a true professional but he was a lovely human being as well.