Cody Zacharias, also known on Instagram as “xen”, is a man of many talents. He is an ethical hacker, developer, and serial entrepreneur currently living in Tampa, Florida.

Born in San Diego, Cody did not come from wealth by any stretch of the definition and knew he was destined for something greater.

He first developed an interest in hacking through modifying his own Android phone, quickly understanding how computers work, and at the age of 17, he bought his first computer and instantly discovered he was talented at hacking, even though he had zero prior experience.

Cody saw a gap in the marketplace where no sophisticated Twitter scrapers existed and at only 20 years old, he taught himself how to code Python. Immediately creating a hit on his first-ever project, Cody developed the highly advanced Twitter intelligence tool known as Twint.

Cody Zacharias realized that college was not for him and decided to drop out and focus on hacking full-time. Despite this, however, Twint continues to be used by professors and students alike, from prestigious, Ivy League schools, such as Brown, Harvard and Cambridge.

In 2018, threat researchers at the cybersecurity company ‘Trend Micro’ gave a presentation at the ‘Hack In The Box Security Conference’, exhibiting Twint’s necessary role in proficiently analyzing social media for threat intelligence and disinformation. To this day, Twint continues to be recognized as the foremost authoritative Twitter intelligence tool.

Cody Zacharias showed no signs of slowing down after inventing Twint. Seeking to extend his talents, he created Subjack, a fast subdomain takeover discovery tool used by white hat hackers, security engineers, and enterprise companies all across the world, such as Adobe. As a result of this, Subjack has prevented tens of thousands of websites from being defaced via a cyber attack.

Exploring the extent of his talents, Cody Zacharias has been recognised and thanked by many highly regarded companies such as AT&T, Adobe, Vice News, LastPass, Xfinity, and RedHat for not only discovering security vulnerabilities within their sites but also how to secure and defend against them.

He later joined forces with another renowned hacker and discovered and released two information disclosure exploits affecting the security of live chat systems that encompassed the identity of employees within numerous internet service providers, telecommunications companies, and financial corporations all around the world.

Some of the companies that were affected by this were Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Bell, Cox Communications, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Citizens Bank, Google Fiber and Kaspersky Labs.

Cody Zacharias now seeks to take the mindset, skills, and the business acumen he developed during his hacking career and apply them to take on neighbouring industries.

In 2021 Cody Zacharias announced he is retiring from the hack game and then he founded Xen, a premier social media management company and personal branding agency transforming clients into elite social media superstars.