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Brian The Shooter has given a disruptive meaning to photography with his body of work

Brian Jordan is a young photographer who owns an agency that provides photography and videography-based services.

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Visuals have become a critical element in creating interest and trust in digital business. In the past decade, demand for commercial photography and portrait photography services has grown exponentially.

Brian Jordan is a young photographer who owns an agency that provides photography and videography-based services. In the competitive market of photography, one needs to have a knack for marketing, hence Brian has built a powerful personal brand as a photographer. Although his family had a photography background, his experimentation and innovation helped him grow the business multifold.

Who is Brian Jordan?

Brian Jordan, aka Brian The Shooter, is a US-based photographer and entrepreneur. He was born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois, with a family involved in photography. He has been around the cameras for his entire childhood.

He became passionate about capturing visuals and bringing them to life. His grandfather was one of the finest photographers. Brian was fascinated by his grandfather’s photography skills and the equipment he had collected. His parents were also involved in the photography and videography business.

Brian’s late grandfather taught him the skill of photography at a very young age. Now, Brian has a massive following on social media. He has a following of 384K on Instagram. Building a strong personal brand as a photographer helped him to scale his business from one person to register an LLC.

How “Brian the Shooter” became a brand?

Talent alone won’t make you a good photographer. It takes years of practice and experience to master different niches in photography. Brian Jordan is a versatile photographer who has spent his teenage years exploring and mastering the skills. He did his first professional shoot in 2019. It was a baby shower in Chicago. The client was highly impressed and tipped him with $100. Today, Brian has come a long way from his first shoot and is proud to be a rising entrepreneur.

He registered Brian The Shooter LLC when demand for his services was booming. He hires secondary photographers who are specialists in different formats, and at a time, he works with multiple photographers on short-time projects. Currently, his agency provides services like photography and videography from models and influencers to big corporates. It includes Portraits, Headshots, Events Parties, and Weddings.

Working for more than four years now, Brian has made a name for himself by doing portfolio shoots for models, influencers, entrepreneurs, and startups. His Pro Photography Package is the most popular amongst the Models and Influencers. Brian dedicates his 3 hours, clicks 300+ images with 25 professional edits.

His agency also provides high-demand services like aerial photography and videography. Recently, Brian has been shooting for real estate clients who want to feature their properties with an aerial view. He has a diverse portfolio for product shoots. The agency has collaborated with lifestyle products and FMCG brands for product shoots.

With growing nightlife in Chicago, the agency has grabbed multiple opportunities to provide service to music festivals and clubs. With the growing craze of social media, both individuals and companies are investing heavily in photography services to feature on their websites and social media platforms. Brian has been exclusively working with brands that want to feature famous models and influencers in their swimwear and activewear clothing lines. Working with models and influencers for years, he gets multiple clients from referrals.

Along with his photography and videography services, Brian has made a name for himself with professional editing. His edited images have been featured on multiple magazines and web portals. Currently, he is selling his cutting-edge presets online. There are multiple versions of presets that people can download and use, which can help them to edit images with ease. These presets are carefully crafted by Brian to give a typical image a professional touch.

What next for Brian Jordan?

Currently, Brian’s most of the clients are based in the US. He flies multiple cities along with his secondary photographers for bookings and projects. Expanding his agency, he is planning to hire talented photographers. With his vast network of models and influencers, he is helping brands to collaborate with an exceptional talent for social media campaigns. Soon, Brian Jordan’s work will be featured in top magazines like Vogue and has been approached to be an in-house photographer for prominent fashion brands.

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