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Blvck Paris is redefining fashion and lifestyle industry and launching new products in digital space

Blvck Paris is attracting a great number of customers who are ready for a change.

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Challenging the generic fashion world, with their exquisite, luxurious and comfortable line of clothing and lifestyle products, Blvck Paris is attracting a great number of customers who are ready for a change. Founded by a French designer, Julian O’hayon, Blvck has reached great heights with its unique approach.

In the year 2017, Julian began his social media presence where he would share his passion for designs and tech. Though he had a clear path, creating a brand out of scratch was a big deal. After growing his Instagram community of 100k people, he started taking the baby steps. He introduced the earliest product under the brand name, Blvck Paris, which was inspired by the colour black.

His designs quickly went viral on social media, spurring an influx of followers globally with particular traction in the US and Asia. This is when he knew he had a concept and wanted to explore it further. At the end of 2017, Blvck Paris was officially born out of the dual obsession over the colour black and design.

Blvck Paris is a lifestyle apparel & accessories brand, supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers worldwide. It is known for its ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories, and leather goods for men and women.

From visual content to merchandise, Blvck strives to be the pioneer of a new type of lifestyle which focuses on comfort and luxury. The ‘all black everything’ inspires people by awakening a cultural shift that implores them to follow a path of their own. Its new ideas have created a deep impact, making the generic style obsolete.

Blvck believes in creating a customer-friendly atmosphere, hence strives hard to enhance its relationship with the consumers. It constantly puts efforts into creating brand value and bringing positivity to the community it has garnered. They dropped free wallpapers, some have been downloaded over 10M times. Their team curated a special Spotify playlist featuring mellow vibes, melancholic moods to complement their customer’s lifestyles.

Also, the brand is diversifying its range of product as they have entered into the digital space. Staying true to their vision, Blvck has incorporated colour black in digital products which best suits the customer’s lifestyle. The most recent ones are part of their digital line, the ‘Blvck iOS14 icons set’ to customize your iOS home screen and turn it black. The brand has more exciting items coming out in 2021 in the digital space. After launching two physical locations in Taipei, Taiwan, Blvck Paris has determined to expand itself more.

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