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Bhupesh Bansal shares 5 tips to manage studies and job together

You cannot just survive in the crowd by living a normal life.

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Competition in today’s era has become intense and it is just getting tougher. We truly are living in a world that follows the Darwinian Theory of Evolution—”survival of the fittest”.

You cannot just survive in the crowd by living a normal life. You need to stand out from the rest if you want to live the life that you have always dreamt of. You must have heard success stories of people becoming millionaires at the age of 25 or an 18-year-old turned entrepreneur.

People wonder about the happy lives that such successful people are living. But what they fail to notice is the tremendous amount of effort and hard work that was behind their success.

Bhupesh Bansal, an engineer turned illustrator-digital media expert is sharing 5 tips to manage study and job together.

1. Look for a job related to your field of study

Let’s say you’re pursuing a degree in English. Wouldn’t it be great if you started working as an editor or a content writer? This would be like killing two birds with one stone. Not only would you earn money through your job but also widen your knowledge in your area of study and gain some experience.

2. Create a schedule

Managing both things at the same time can become stressful. But who likes stress? Bhupesh Bansal is here for your rescue. There was a time when even he had to deal with stress. While he was pursuing civil engineering, he also worked side-by-side for the entire duration of 6 years. He warded away his stress by not only planning a schedule but also abiding by it strictly.

3. Apply what you’ve learned from studies at work and from work at studies

Wise people always look for ways to increase productivity. This is what he did. He applied the knowledge gained from his job at studies and vice-versa. This helped him stay a step ahead of the crowd.

4. Devote the required time to both

Don’t maintain a distance from your books because you want to earn money. Similarly, don’t compromise with your work. You want to pay your bills and fee, right? At the same time, you don’t want to miss out on your studies. So, devote ample time to both.

5. Don’t feel insecure

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s also natural to start with no experience in hand. Everyone starts at zero. So don’t feel insecure and be ready to face the challenges. A common trait of all successful and rich people is that they are never afraid of taking risks.

Let’s hope that these tips will come in handy and you will get a sense of financial stability just like Bhupesh Bansal. You must keep in mind that there is no shortcut to success. The bigger your goal the harder it gets.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.