Bagio White, born on October 7, 1991, at Kingston, Jamaica, now at the age of 28 years is a well-known creative director and editor-in-chief. He studied architecture in college and started working in the design field interning with Def Jam Recordings. He has immense love for creative visuals and editorial design. He has learned graphic design from his childhood. With his talents, he started creating various visuals online to keep up with the trends and sharpening his skills. He was discovered online by a representative at Def Jam Recordings where he soon after started interning as a graphic designer. Soon after, during his attendance at college, he created the now popular magazine Dopeness.

Bagio was an enthusiastic boy and artistically inclined from childhood which made him learn about creating and exploring different art forms from an early age. He trained himself in different forms of art by attending an art-focused high school, Fordham High School for the Arts in Bronx, NY. He used to participate in extra-curriculum art activities from his time in high school. He also started participating in art shows at college and in other events and shows outside from college which built his portfolio going into the media field.

After his graduation from Morrisville State College in New York with a diploma in Architecture and CIT, he started his journey in the print industry. Bagio White became a dedicated full-time creative director at his publication and in the industry. With 10+ years of extensive experience in creating visuals and print editorials, at the age of 28, he is truly celebrated in the field. He has worked with celebrities such as King Bach, Amanda Cerny, Bow Wow, Angela Yee, Jacob Whitesides and many more. Along with this, he has worked with big companies like Viacom, BET Networks, Universal Records, and MTV.

With a large number of followers and readers on social media, he aims at delivering quality content and art forms that vastly resonate and are impactful to his audience. You can see his amazing content on the pages of Dopeness magazine, his website bagiowhite and his social media; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @Bagiowhite.