The astrology world has created a lot of wonders and India is home to astrological practices. While many people believe in the power of astrology, a few sections of people consider it bizarre. It is all about the study of planets, their patterns and their movement.

Astrologers analyze it deeply giving an insight into a person’s life. Karma plays an important role in the astrological chart which is why every deed or action has an impact on a person’s life. Reputed astrologer Ameeta Lohia says that Indian astrology will hold importance until the existence of the universe.

Lohia has restored the faith of thousands of people with her astrological predictions. Besides astrology, she has specialized in soul connection, cosmic connection, spiritual healing and third eye power. Blessed with the special powers, Ameeta has, over the years, mastered her skills and considers her intuition power to be the strength which has changed many lives.

She says, “I consider astrology and healing go hand in hand. With my knowledge about astrology, I have changed my life and made it meaningful. It is all written about your life journey the day you saw this world.”

One of the highlights of her astrological career is that she had predicted about her client suffering from gallbladder disease. “When the client came to me regarding his severe stomach pain, I told him about his gallbladder disease and it came true. Most of my predictions have so far come true. More than fortune-telling, it is all about the connection of the human soul with the divine,” she said.

With her power, the 55-year-old astrologer has healed many people by letting them know about the things happening in the future.

Interestingly, as she is an astrologer, Ameeta was asked about her prediction for the coronavirus in the world. To this, she had an interesting reply as she stated that the current situation cannot be predicted as too many energies and karmas are involved in it.

For her, astrology is more about person to person. She further stated that it is the result of the bad karmas humans have done in the past. Moreover, Ameeta Lohia even suggests everyone to always do good deeds because every person has to pay a price for it in this world.