Traditionally, landing entry-level jobs or pursuing a career in life would require one to at least have a college degree or any form of certification to even qualify to apply. But since the emergence of the digital marketing space, many job opportunities and companies have opened jobs and careers for anyone who possesses the needed skills to be able to carry out tasks, bring massive results and help companies grow, whether or not they have degrees, certifications, or job experiences.

Lucky for today’s generations, there are already many platforms online that offer skills training and coaching for anyone who wishes to start a career and land high-paying jobs even without college degrees or job experiences.

One team that has helped over 1,000 students and individuals worldwide kickstart careers and land jobs in the digital marketing space is Online Career Accelerator. Founded by An Bui together with, Online Career Accelerator offers remote job training programs for those interested in working from home, with online job opportunities and coaching.

Their training provides basic and advanced education, world-class courses, and supportive assistance from their certified mentors and coaches to find the best business or remote career online. On top of this, they also provide resources and tools to take their students’ skills to the next level in every step of the training, to help them land a remote career.

Before his success in the digital marketing space and set out to help others find similar paths, An Bui was just another 17-year old college student who was frustrated with the idea of spending a lot of time and money in college not finding assurance that he will ultimately land a high-paying job after graduating. Finally deciding to drop out of college, An self-taught himself with the in-demand skills for digital marketing and have sought the expertise or some mentors which eventually helped him land his first 6-figure job just within 6 months of dropping out of school.

When he got this job, An Bui was chosen among many others who had degrees and experiences. His employer chose him over the others because he was proactive and showed the required skills needed to get their tasks done and help the company bring in more results. This made An realize that his realization about not needing a degree to land high-paying jobs was indeed correct.

At age 21, An Bui already earned past 6 figures which made him decide to share his experience and expertise with many others for them to also find success in the digital marketing space. Hence, the creation of Online Career Accelerator! Now, An Bui and his team of certified experts, coaches, and mentors are helping professionals and students, with or without skills, with no degrees or massive investment to go to school, teaching them job-relevant skills that can help them land and secure a high paying career.