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Amit Jain has a passion to generate great results and make his brand cross the milestones of beautiful gemstones every time

The collection makes sure to recreate and reincarnate few designs with the fusion of modern twist and a lot of colourful zing into them.

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Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewellery has come up with the newest patterns and exemplary designs of gold and diamonds for all moods and tones. These designs are irresistible and cater to all kinds of customers. The collection makes sure to recreate and reincarnate few designs with the fusion of modern twist and a lot of colourful zing into them.

This is the reason that the product range and customer base of Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewellery are increasing at a supreme pace. The customers always come back to the brand for their jewellery needs, proving the fact that over the years Chateauvince has developed very strong customer bonds that tend to stay with them for the longest time.

The added benefits of purchasing with Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewellery include:

  • Free servicing of your ornament for a lifetime, except for the additional Gold and Diamond charges that tend to change according to the market fluctuations.
  • Designs with traditional essence from various cities of India.
  • All Diamond Products are certified from IGI lab which is the No.1 lab for jewellery certification.
  • The assurance of the ornaments 14kt, 18kt/22kt or 24kt. Purity. BIS hallmarked and stamped.
  • The latest designs from nationwide jewellery designers, which include designs being imported from different countries across the globe like Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, France, and Italy.
  • A range of colourful diamonds along with quality certification.

These factors have led to the increase in sales of Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewellery because let us face it who won’t want to avail the range of benefits from a single organization?

This is the reason that Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewellery have also garnered awards like most ‘Ethical Jewellery Business Of The Year’ and ‘Quality Assurance Awards’ for the amazing collection of high-quality premium jewellery.

Amit accredits most of these awards to his mom, Usha Jain, who is the rock-solid support behind all his achievements and the one who inspired him to establish and flourish his business. Usha Jain has also achieved the prestigious ‘Business Queen Award’.

The vast expanse of the business in the jewellery sector has led Amit Jain to flourish his business in other sectors as well. This includes Real Estate and Printing Business. Amit Jain is proving that there is no stopping for an unstoppable mind. The translation of Chateauvince itself stands for the Hub of Diamond Jewellery, resonating with the idea of expansion to other business areas as well.

Amit Jain is a living example of ‘miles to go before I sleep’. His passion is generating great results and making the brand cross the milestones of Beautiful Gemstones every time. He follows the mantra of giving 100% effort and translating them into great results.

With such entrepreneurial setups, the jewellery business setups across India would surely rise to new heights and leaders like Amit Jain are a must-have in order for a business to reach its pinnacle of success and excellence.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.