Now all the newbie writers and poets will get a golden chance as well as a strong platform to showcase their skills on the famous Facebook Page “Shayri Ki Dairy”. Yes, founder Aditya Kumar is all set to provide absolute help to all upcoming writers and poets!

Aditya Kumar of Bareilly is a famous writer, poet, and digital content creator. He worked hard to follow his dreams and currently he is at this stage that he can provide a strong platform to all the upcoming writers and poets who have the same passion as Adi.

About “Shayri Ki Diary” 

From a very young age, Aditya was attracted to the concept of storytelling and poetry. He was completely passionate to make his career as a writer and poet. Aditya aka Adi decided to take the help of social media platforms to kick start.

Unfortunately, being a newbie with less research and unaware of social media skills, Adi didn’t get the expected start. He reached out to various creators for help but no one helped him. He then worked hard, researched every bit of parameters, and came up with an excellent, outstanding concept for a Hindi Facebook Page.

On 12th February 2016, Adi launched his Hindi Facebook Page “Shayri Ki Diary” where Hindi audience, poets, and writers can entertain themselves. Within just 50 days from start, the page was hit with 1 million followers. Aditya was overwhelmed with the response and this allowed him to monetize his page as well as help him to achieve his dream of becoming an actual storyteller and poet.

No sooner Shayri Ki Diary won millions of hearts of the creative audiences and today it stands strong with over 11 million followers on Facebook and 2.5 lakh followers on Instagram.

This tremendous response allowed Adi to work with some renowned brands like Mahindra, Asian Paints, Ambuja Cement, Policy Bazaar, Western Union, and many more. “Shayri Ki Diary” has also marked its presence on various TV shows and movies promotions.

Golden Opportunity for Writers & Poets

Aditya established “Vibratic Media” through which he will be now seen supporting upcoming writers and poets. Aditya will also be seen promoting artists and entertainers through his company.

He said, “The newbies in this field are unaware of the depth of Digital Media. Providing a platform will certainly encourage writers & poets to create quality content. Also, they can grow their audiences and can achieve their dreams. My sheer aim is that everyone has the right to achieve their dreams and I will be blessed if I could provide a platform for such passionate minds.”

Through his Facebook Page “Shayri Ki Diary” Adi aims to provide a strong platform for the upcoming writers and poets that will help them to grow their audiences. Due to the pandemic, many content creators/writers have lost their jobs. Thus, this platform will certainly help the writers to motivate and flourish again.

Currently, Aditya is working with many writers thus audiences are also getting good quality content. The team will also provide the best quality content which will help grow the audiences in this emerging digital era.