Watching the news in 2020 can be devastating, no doubt about it. Calls for police reform, a global pandemic that has changed the way we live and an upcoming election that will shape America.

It can be overwhelming and scary to turn on the news but journalist Jackson Gosnell is finding a way to make it fun. Jackson Gosnell, who started his career during his high school, is now working as a correspondent with an Australian streaming network called TickerTV. He also finds his interest in the field of investigative journalism and is focused on reporting news stories from the past few years.

Gosnell also covers news on social media and serves as a contributor for many networks across the globe. He says that he tries to make the news meaningful and less dark than what we are used to. Making people want to tune in is just what Jackson has done. He adds his personal spin on things by keeping them real. It helps in increasing the credibility and reliability of news and makes it more enjoyable and entertaining. Jackson has already accomplished so much at the young age of 16 and is still working hard towards his growth and development.

His hard work and determination have made him interview some of the high profile officials like the White House press secretary Kyleigh McEnany. He also partnered with one of his friends Coleman of Gaston Talks to attend a Trump campaign event where the interview with McEnany took place. This has led to a substantial increase in his followers and made him popular among masses.

Some of his followers also say that they smile a lot more than they would watch traditional news. This love and support from people make Jackson immensely happy to which he says, “It is truly humbling to hear from people who enjoy what I do and it makes me want to do more and reach more people,”. He continues to take the world by storm and people all over the world can’t wait to see what he will do next. Follow him on Instagram to stay informed.