Youth have responsibility towards strengthening democratic institutions: Om Birla

Youth have responsibility towards strengthening democratic institutions: Om Birla

Photo: Twitter @ombirlakota

Highlighting the role of youth in nation-building, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Friday said that the responsibility of strengthening the democratic institutions lies with them.

Birla was addressing the National Youth Convention, 2022 in Jodhpur on Friday. Speaking on the occasion, Birla said, “New innovations in the world are taking us on the path of prosperity, while our inner conscience should guide us on the path of non-possession. There should be a feeling in all that nothing belongs to us, everything belongs to society.”

Referring to the dynamic functioning of the Parliament, Birla said that laws are meant for the welfare of the people and effective legislation are outcomes of quality discussion and dialogue among people’s representatives.


He urged the youth to use their intellect and wisdom to strengthen democratic institutions. He underlined that youth should participate in the decisions and policies of the government.

Emphasising on the participation of people, particularly the youth, in the legislative process, Birla said when a draft bill is brought, the youth must analyse it and share their suggestions.

“The youth as future nation builders must understand the process and procedure of legislation. It is the responsibility of the youth to take the world in the right direction and help the common citizens in the fields of human rights, social service, politics and disaster management. Governments can only make policies and schemes, but the important responsibility of implementing these decisions while accelerating the nation’s development lies with the youth,” said Birla.

Referring to the achievements and contributions of the youth in nation-building, Birla said that Indian youth through startups and unicorns are making the nation prosperous in the fields of economy, technology and other areas.

Speaking about India’s fast-growing startup economy, Birla said that today more than 73,000 startups and more than 100 unicorns in the country are marching towards making India the startup capital of the world. He urged the youth to exchange best practices and innovations among themselves for the larger national interest.

Hailing the vibrant democracy of India, Birla said that India is democratic in its duties, thoughts and life. He said, “Democracy is a way of life in India. The next 25 years are going to be very crucial for the country. In order to make India a developed country by the time India will celebrate its 100th Independence Day, today’s youth must play a major role in India’s development and progress.”

“Every step of youth should be in the direction of nation-building. Progress in any field must be accompanied by contribution towards society and nation,” he added