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Have written to Mohan Bhagwat on ‘Ayodhya land scam’; will hand over all documents as proof: Sanjay Singh

He urged the PM and demanded an investigation into the land deals.

SNS | New Delhi |

Senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh on Saturday slammed the BJP-led Central government for staying silent on the alleged “scam on the Ayodhya land deals”, supposedly carried out by the leaders of the BJP and the members of the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust.

He urged the PM and demanded an investigation into the land deals. He also showed the documents related to the land deals from March and April, which allegedly showed the involvement of BJP leaders and trust members. He also said he has written a letter to RSS head Mohan Bhagwat asking for time to hand over the documents as proof of the corruption, and also demanded answers from him on the corruption carried out in the name of Lord Ram.

Sanjay Singh said, “Today, the Hon’ble PM of India convened a meeting with the members of the Ram Janmabhoomi trust working for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. For the last so many days, I have time and again exposed how the BJP has carried out a corruption scam of crores of rupees in the land use on which the Ayodhya temple has to be built. Only the BJP and its malice are to be blamed for the construction work that has halted since the last one-and-a-half years. Their faith is not in Lord Ram, their faith is in the property dealers.

“According to the sources, the money from the corruption is making its way and shared with the top authorities. I want to ask the Hon’ble PM, did you ask them why they failed to pay the dues for the construction of the Ayodhya Temple yet? Who all are receiving the share from the scam money that is reaching the top? Which members from the BJP and the trust are involved in this? The construction work has halted due to the corruption carried out by the BJP with the help of alliance with the trust day and night.”

“This is an attempt of the BJP to injure the faith of the Hindus of our country. Today, the Hon’ble PM must question them, why did this scam happen? Why is the construction work halted? Who all are involved in the scam? By all this, you can understand how they are not working to build Lord Ram’s temple, they are working to carry out corruption. I exposed how a land worth Rs 5 crores shot up to Rs 18.5 crores, and how the rates shot up by Rs 5 lakh by the second and Rs 3 crores by the minute, how a land worth Rs 30 lakhs was sold for Rs 2.5 crores. Where did all this money go? I want to show proof today,” added Singh.