Responding to the allegation of missing the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Urban Development meeting over air pollution, former cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir said on Monday that he will quit eating ‘jalebi’ if it results in pollution controlling.

He cited the contractual obligation that accounted for him missing the meeting on November 15.

“I had signed the contract in January and joined politics in April. Due to contractual obligation, I had to go for the commentary. On November 11, I received the mail and on the same say, I had informed them the reason for not attending the meeting,” Gautam Gambhir said.

He also said that within 10 minutes of a picture of him eating jalebi surfaced, he was trolled on social media.

On Sunday, missing posters of the former cricketer were pasted in various parts of the city.

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“Missing. Have you seen this person? He has last seen eating ”jalebis” in Indore. The entire Delhi is looking for him,” the message on the posters stated along with a picture of Gambhir, the Lok Sabha MP from East Delhi.

Only four MPs of a 28-member parliamentary panel attended the key meeting to discuss the air pollution crisis in the National Capital Region. The meeting was ultimately called off as lawmakers and bureaucrats were absent.  Gambhir had come under attack from the ruling Aam Aadmi Party, which demanded that the East Delhi MP should quit from his post for “failing” the people of Delhi.

The parliamentarian had hit back at the AAP, saying he should be judged by his work and not by “propaganda or false narrative spread by the minions of the honest” chief minister.