Valentine’s Day has never found favour with a section of people in India, who think the concept demeans Indian values. There have been campaigns denouncing the day, aiming to discourage youngsters from being part of the wave. Growing commercialisation of the occasion may come in the way of anti-Valentine’s Day ‘crusaders’ elsewhere, but this small piece of news from Gujarat’s Surat must come as a piece of good news for this section.

In the diamond city of Surat, as many as 10000 youngsters from 12 schools will be taking an oath this Valentine’s Day. Their pledge will be to marry only someone who has been chosen by their parents. These boys and girls would promise not to tie the nuptials with those who they might be in love with at that point of time, but love the one picked up by their parents and elders.

This initiative has been undertaken by Hasyamev Jayate, a voluntary organisation run by therapist Kamlesh Masalawala.

The youngsters will be asked to take a pledge that they will not marry without the consent of their parents, even if it means ending an ongoing affair.

“These days, many youngsters fall in love and take an impulsive decision to get married. Many even run away from homes and get married, but such relationships turn out to be short-lived. We want to promote the importance of parents’ guidance when it comes to taking such a big decision of life,” Masalawala was quoted as saying by Times of India.

Here is how people reacted to the news:

Lampiao:  ..agree ….what about right to choose ….sacrificed at the alter of pseudo-culture

The enemies of LOVE? : What a hoax!

Malcolm Lobo: This is laughable. Marriage is a high risk enterprise. I know of a marriage without the bride parents consent flourishing as well as one in frigid mode despite parents blessing. We are just going backwards. There is no right answer and a lot depends on the maturity of the bridal couple to be. For this education is key and not this ridiculous nonsense.

Pawan: What a big joke! Talibanization of India has started. Out of these 10,000 oath-takers, 9990 will end up with love marriages or affairs.

Javed Bads: Take oath, to take care of your parents when they old. Rest do anything.

Azam Syed: Love is personal affair